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Be Easy On Yourself


All We Have is Time

After a ten year stint in Boston/Cambridge playing music with my two best friends, in the band Larcenist, I now call Syracuse, NY home.  The current hustle is making time to work on the craft,  while raising a family and working a full-time job.  

The new release titled, "Be Easy On Yourself", is a reminder to do just that, amidst all the change we experience in life. Change can be debilitating: creating feelings of depression and anxiety.  It's important to remind ourselves that tomorrow can be different, but only if we're not beating ourselves up.  

This recording was made at 1809 studios: a repurposed 19th century erie canalside tavern.  I really needed to work with someone who could help me see what was possible with these songs, and Dave was that guy.

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Brandon Mastrangelo

I was brought up in a small town next to Lake Ontario.  This central/Western part of New York state  has heavily influenced much of my songwriting to date.  I find myself using songwriting as a way to understand how my upbringing is influencing who I am now as a husband, father, friend, and community member.  

I am drawn to a story telling style of songwriting and working to find each right lyric; making a song concise and relatable are goals.  I’m committed to the craft and get excited daily about the thought of improving.  


I tweet @bmastrangelo

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